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Ugiron A (Fixing agent)

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Ugiron A (Fixing agent)


Protection of plants, fruits, etc.


  • Protects crops from harmful bacteria due to rainwater
  • Additives to Lime Bordeaux Liquid
  • Prevents water from vaporing during drought
  • Gives luster to flowering plants
  • Harmless to the human body
  • Uses as wetting agent and sticky agent simultaneously
  • Prevents damages due to acid rain
  • Protects crops from hot and cold weather
  • Helps reduce the usage of chemicals and spray frequency and keeps effects lasting longer as it can prevent crops from being washed away by wind or rain by keeping pesticides and nutrients adhered to crops.


Spray after diluting 1~2 liters of Ugiron A alone or mixed with other pesticides with 500 liters of water.